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Michele Groepler  recommends Kelly Jo Psychic.
Yesterday at 2:04 PM ·

Kelly Jo is absolutely amazingly gifted In person is equal to over the phone. Her accuracy has always been at 100% for me in all readings i have had with her. She has guided me in my correct path, She has calmed my soul when I wasnt sure of health issues. Her direction s have always came to be true and precise. I am blessed and thankful she is a part of my life!


  Carolan Carey  recommends Kelly Jo Psychic.

August 27 · 2018

Kelly Jo is an accurate and compassionate reader – she is funny and zany and has a varied and interesting psychic background









I have known Kelly Jo since 1992 have had readings on most every six months for all these years she is on spot with me and has helped me in many ways with health issues anxiety and with my pets she’s remarkable and amazing and very gifted and I think her so very much for sharing her gifts with us I recommend her highly




A Jay Parham‎ to Kelly Jo Monaghan
December 7, 2014 at 7:36pm ·
I only came on face book to tell eveyone today how friggin awesome you are as a clarivoyant as well as acurate .Most of all a true and tested friend.On a professionnal level thank you for everything you have done and as a friend thank you for all that you have been! Love You KJ! Warmest Regards AJay

















I have known Kelly Jo for 13 years and have continuously consulted her clairvoyant talent throughout the years.  She blew me away when I first met her for a reading in 2000, after she described my grandmother as if she was standing in the room next to me.  (My grandmother had passed away when I was a young child in the eighties.)  Kelly Jo had never met me before and so when she described my "grandma-ma," and asked me if she called me "boops-something" I was blown away, because the nick-name grandma-ma always called me was "boopsie."  From then on, Kelly Jo caught my attention and loyalty as a client.  I have had dozens of effective and revealing tarot and clairvoyant readings from her over the years, and each one has brought me clarity and insightful knowledge and understanding.  I also have experienced her seeing people from the beyond, and it just amazes me.
I highly recommend Kelly Jo, and feel that her skill and talent can be most helpful in business and personal matters.
G. Steel, West Palm Beach, FL

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    Hi it's Heather. Your prediction came true!!! I met a wonderful fella named Jerry at my job and he is interested in me. Best yet my feelings and interest in him is mutual!!

  2. Kelly Jo has done a phone reading for me during which she forecasted some things that have not yet happened but what grabbled my attention was that she described my house to a T.  I had asked what kind of house she saw me living in in the future.  She had the exact number of windows, the number of fireplaces, the exact age, staircase, the style of roof, a widows walk and the decription of the porch.  Amazing, since my home is a very old unique historic house!  No one could have guessed about this and it's not published information.

  3. I heard about Kelly Jo from a friend- I was uncertain what my future was going to hold. I was wondering if I was going to get my house sold and if my son was going to go to jail.I called her and she began our converstion with"I see legal papers all around you" and I did have all my papers concerning selling my house laid out in front of me. I then asked her how my son was doing and she replied-"jail bars- I see jail bars" and he did go to jail. Another time we had a house that the people that lived there felt it was haunted-I called Kelly Jo and told her the story of feeling cold breezes and the hair standing on their bodies and sometimes waking up  with someone standing over them. She told me it was a man that was trapped there and wanted to go to the other side but couldn't. She told me how to let him go to the other side. I recited what she said and after I was done saying it- it sounded like the ceiling was popping and cracking and from that day on – there were no more complaints about seeing a man or any more signs of him being there. On a different occasion I called her to see if my daughter was going to get her house sold and she said it was going to be around a holiday and it was going to be a family with children. The house sold right after valentines day and was bought by a family with children. Kelly Jo is awesome and has helped me in so many ways-if you need guidance and some insight- call her – you won't be sorry!!!!

  4. I used Ms Kelly for several things i needed clarification on …missing person, and animal reading, and more.

    I highly recommend her and her skills and talents helped me go forward with the dilemmas that had been ongoing for some time.

    I will use her in the future

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