Praying for Angels

Praying for Angels by Kelly Jo Psychic

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You can pray for any kind of angel you need anywhere, anytime and any place.

I had a girlfriend that was learning how to land a plane.  She couldn’t land.  So she went back the next day after praying for a landing angel.  She landed pretty as you please.

You can pray for a parking angel to get a parking spot.  A test angel any angel you like.

About me – It is a God given gift I was born this way.  I’ve always seen, heard, felt and smelt all my life.  I’ve worked on murder cases and archaeological sites.  I’ve also read for people all across the country.  I love helping people.  I can tell the history of a site because I can see and talk to the people of that period.  Once, we went to an 1800’s  school and I saw the school marm. Back then, I thought everybody could see dead people.  We also went to a fort in the school which I could see in my mind as if  the  shooting and bullets were flying.  In locating the areas in which I saw this psychically in my reading, we did uncover bullets from the past dating back to this time period.

Intuition – When you’re still small a voice tells you truths.  When we grow up, this tends to be invalidated by the people around us.  It’s like when your gut tells you to do it – you do it.  That’s intuitive reasoning.

You can call me about many topics, just ask.

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