Signs of the Afterlife

Signs of the Afterlife by Kelly Jo Psychic

A lot of times our deceased loved ones. Visit YouTube Video –

I lovingly call “them” our dead people.  And they can leave us signs, like a penny, a dime or a quarter.  Any symbol we know them by can be used.  One lady knew it was her daughter, through cardinals or a butterfly.  A sign will usually accompany a person so you know it is them.  For instance, lily of the valley perfume for grandma or old spice for grandpa.  A lot of times they can make things disappear & reappear when they want it to.  When this happens there is proof life goes on.  Or a song on the radio that was special to that soul.  In some cases, a loved one can appear in a time of danger as a warning.  They can visit on occasion especially on special ones, like anniversaries, birthdays, etc.