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Dream Interpretations

  • Posted on June 5, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Interpreting Your Dreams – June 5, 2013 by Kelly Jo

When you are interpreting your dreams, throw the dream book away. You must interpret it as You see it. What colors are in your dream? Are you seeing any colors? What kind of car? Determine your spiritual vehicle. We used to have ponies, but now we have cars. What's chasing you in a nitemare. What is chasing you. This can mean you are working things out. Where you are in a house says a lot too. An upper room can mean your spirituality. If you are in the kitchen, that's how you are feeding your soul. A Living room means where you actually live. Basement can mean what is hidden and needs to be dug up. So many hidden meanings, but remember your gut instinct and what your first impression is. If you cannot remember all of your dreams or just bits and pieces, it's best not to fret over what you cannot remember totally. Just honor that you may have resolved the matter whatever it was and you no longer need to remember it.

Feel free to call me on having your Dreams interpretted.

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