Thoughts and Words are Things

Thoughts and Words are Things – April 29, 2013

by KellyJo Psychic


You know that saying, "Oh this is killing me!," is actually a thought process that may well come into being. So be careful what you think and say – for these are things that can manifest. Know this! Universe always backs up our original thoughts, especially if we really say it enough or believe it. So watch what you are thinking and saying. Thought and words are things that can manifest by repetitive actions/thoughts. Another instance, if you are having a bad day, it just rolls down hill after that. This is because of the negative. Positive begets positive thoughts and negative begets negative thoughts. It takes 9 days to make a habit and 30 days to break one. What you put out is like a magnet. Words are powerful and you be kind with them. Be mindful of your words, lest they be hurtful. Your words and thoughts are powerful and will manifest. You can cancel them at any time, just by thinking or saying this.

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